Microblading and shading
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Natural •Healed after 1st session •Immed

What is Microblading?

Microblading also known as 3D, eyebrow embroidery or feather stroke eyebrows is a form of cosmetic tattooing. The technique uses a manual pencil like tool that has pre-sterilized single use fixed pins that implant pigment to the uppermost layer of the dermis. Because the needles are 3 times smaller than the ones used on a machine, the results are more natural looking hair strokes. This technique does not require the use of a machine.

What is powder / ombre/ shading technique?This technique implants pigment into the skin via a pendulum motion using a machine. The gradual application of pigment builds color and a more defined brow shape. 

When the pigment is applied to the entire brow using this technique, once healed will result in a "soft powder filled" defined appearance. 

When pigment is applied lightly to the frontal bulb of the brow then gradually building density to the body and tail once healed will result in an "ombre" appearance.

The combination of microblading and manual shading can achieve a more natural look.